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Ecological and sustainable farming led five styrian vintners to a new consciousness outlook of nature and life - and to a new style of wine.

In responsible handling and respect for all life, they produce their living wines - products that are good for us - now and for future generations.

As a group, they interact lively with another and share their experiences, enrich their knowledge of working with nature and making use of its synergies. They live with nature, study it and learn daily from their land on which they work. In group discussions, new paths are presented, results discussed and tasted. New insights are enjoyed.

Careful handling of the vines and consideration of the symbiosis of animals and plants in the vineyard shape the life of the vintner. Only healthy and vital vines from enlivened soil produce such wines.

The processing of the grapes in the cellar is done slowly and with care. This provides the potential for aging and maturity. With long storage on its own yeasts in wooden barrels, wine presents the characteristics of the individual fields, earth aromas, vine variety and the seasonal characteristic. This maturation process accompanies the five vintners in their cellars with the knowledge that it is more a matter of allow wine making itself in its own timeframe.

The wines are unmistakably unique. They tell us the history of the soil in which they grow. A history of its beginnings, tradition and time. They reveal a multiple spectrum of aromas, which run deeply and are long lasting. Such wines are an ideal accompaniment to meals. They remain in our memory because life can be tasted in them.

New perspectives in wine enjoyment are presented, forthcoming, deep and, at the same time, stirring: Wines that allow time and space for sensual perceptions and enjoyment of them.